HIPI- Hadoop Image Processing Interface

HIPI is an image processing library designed to be used with the Apache Hadoop MapReduce parallel programming framework. HIPI facilitates efficient and high-throughput image processing with MapReduce style parallel programs typically executed on a cluster. It provides a solution for how to store a large collection of images on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and make them available for efficient distributed processing. HIPI also provides integration with OpenCV, a popular open-source library that contains many computer vision algorithms.

HIPI is written in JAVA.


        [Image: HIPI Process Flow]

The primary input object to a HIPI program is a HipiImageBundle (HIB). A HIB is a collection of images represented as a single file on the HDFS. The HIPI distribution includes several useful tools for creating HIBs, including a MapReduce program that builds a HIB from a list of images downloaded from the Internet.

Loading HIPI Libraries

From the HIPI root directory, simply run gradle to build the HIPI library along with all of the tools and example programs:


$> cd hipi

$> gradle














Finished building the HIPI library along with all tools and examples.


Total time: 2.058 secs


[Ref: http://hipi.cs.virginia.edu/]

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