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“The United States alone faces a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts with skills of big data.” – A McKinsey report

“This hot new field promises to revolutionize industries from business to government, health care to academia”–The New York Times

“Best job of the year“– Glassdoor (2017)  

 “Sexiest job of the 21st century.” – Harvard Business Review (2012)

“Based on 236 million LinkedIn profiles, there are about 11,400 and 19,400 data scientists worldwide”– rjmetrics



What are the earning potentials? 

As a Data Analyst: 80K to 150K per year

As a Data Scientist: 120K to 750K per year


What are the Training Programs?

We help people getting trained as a Data Scientist and Data analyst both in SQL and NoSQL environment and in Big data domain. 

  1. Training Program for Data Scientist
  2. Training Program for Data Analyst


Who are Our Mentors?

Our mentors are industry leader Data Scientists (Big Data), Data Analysts (Big Data), Business Managers, Programmers & DBAs, in SQL and NoSQL based environment. They are trained and educated in world famous universities in UK, Canada and USA e.g. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Toronto, George Washington University, University of Maryland, George Mason University  and so on. 


Do not have an appropriate education and/or training background?

Leave your worries to our experts. Feel free to talk to our admission personnel and let us assess your strengths and weaknesses. In that way you will be able to make an educated decision. You might be surprised !

*** Attend our first 2 classes for free !***


Free Information Sessions:

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Completed Sessions:

1. 12th of August ! RSVP !




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