Data Scientist (Big Data)




Data scientists wear the hats of Computer Programmers, DBAs, Data analysts, Machine Learning experts and Business Intelligence personnel. This could probably be the reason why they are paid as much as Million Dollars a year. A Data scientist is able to identify problems, trouble shoot them and communicate solutions to non-technical stakeholders. You will be trained in all these areas.

We help people to become a data scientist by training on following areas:

  1. Data Visualization
  2. Data Collection Methodologies: You will be trained on how to collect relevant data, how to identify relationships among fields/columns, how to assess which data to keep and which to get rid of using expert judgement and algorithms.
  3. Data Analysis: At the end of this module you will be able to analyze data utilizing multiple analysis methodologies.
  4. Data Base Administration and Data Warehousing :  The idea is to help you to learn so that you can find a job and keep your job.
  5. Business Scopes, Challenges and troubleshooting  You will be trained to identify and troubleshoot real world business problems using real world data. Target industries: Healthcare, Finance, Data Security, Insurance, Education, retail and other commercial, government sectors.
  6. Machine Learning :  We will help you learn multiple algorithms and statistical methods
  7. Coding/query languages
  8. Project Management/Agile methodologies : You will get the core idea on Project management terms and agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Scrumban) by certified and experienced scrum master
  9. Job interview: We will help you be confident in the interview through mock interview sessions.
  10. Presentation skills: Training with mock presentation sessions.
  11. Resume preparation
  12. Teaming up to land you in a job
  13. On the job support



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